Welcome to Adventures on the Rue Morgue!

This is a steampunk ripoff of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with the first Mage system as its backbone. This campaign is set on the Rue Moruge in Paris, and intended to weave together elements of steampunk, Victoriana, pulp, and early twentieth-century occultism.

I’m hoping for one main thing out of this, with two main components.

To have fun with some friends:

  1. Through a role-playing with an emphasis on setting, character, and story (in approximately that order)
  2. Through building a world and setting dialogically

To that end…

  1. Feel free to edit, expand, and even create elements of the world through the wiki
  2. Start thinking about, and putting possible characters (either yours, NPCs, or even other PCs) in the Characters of Note section

Adventures on the Rue Morgue

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